Our Guest Rooms

Please note that Albania does not have an elevator, so all rooms require stairs. First floor of house is elevated off the ground. Second and third floors are accessed by the grand spiral stair which was made in France and shipped over when the home was built. The stairs flow well, and the handrail is solid. The reward for making the climb: beautiful balconies and stunning views!

First Floor Rooms

Second Floor Rooms

(all rooms on this floor have heating and cooling window units)

Third Floor Rooms

These two rooms are carved out of what were originally two enormous ballrooms. This floor has a truly spectacular balcony overlooking the Bayou Teche with a lovely seating area adjacent.

The Girls Room: a lively blue room with dramatic peach and blue window treatments. This room has a definite feminine appeal. It has a large ensuite bathroom with a glass shower, soaking tub, marble top double sink vanity, and toilet. The room has its own Central AC/Heat system with a wall thermostat.